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In 45 years, I never had a stranger jump out at me and start talking about prayer stones.

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So that spot was the when and where to pass on a gift of connection. He went off, and I hope for his dreams the best of luck as he works towards a better life also.

These are tough times, and I got enough of his story in our quick passing to know he was in the middle of an important juncture of his own life that the gift of the prayer stone would make a difference. The universe is a far larger and more interconnected place than most people give it credit towards. If you want to change the world: just live kindly and listen to the whims of life when they speak up.

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Prayer Stone

Never worry about missed connections, instead just learn to naturally release into trusting… not others at first but yourself. So for now missed connections is really a lesson and reminder on how to connect to yourself first. Thanks, I needed that today. I'm feeling bad about connections I haven't made, actually. But perhaps there's a reason for that as well.

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Maybe the time wasn't right. Who knows. Meditation , Stories. Often the smallest whims can shift the winds of fate the greatest. Listen with an open heart, and the connections that need to happen will happen. It was a nice stone to meditate with and trace out the intricate paths on the surface.

It normally sat on my desk quietly.

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Today it called out for some reason. I picked it up. It was as if it said to me: today is the day you will pass me onward. It had been called to be taken to a different place. I never question whims nor inspiration , so I placed it into my pocket. Julie was teaching a class.

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We go to the beach for an hour or so before class and take a break from our normal schedule. It was a nice day. Julie had a beautiful class. On the way home to Hilo, we needed gas in Waimea. Instead of my normal gas stop, I felt the urge that I should go to the other station.

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Again I know better and just followed that whim as the best path. As I pull into the gas station, the fellow next to us started to pull out. He noticed my Personal Tao retreat sign on the car. He stopped his truck in mid-flow, literally jumped out and excitedly started to talk to me. He began to ask me some questions about the Tao. But then strangely, he jumped straight into a question about prayer stones.

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