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They hadn't got more than a hundred yards when Jackson shouted 'Whip them, cut them, slash them, damn them! By now the captives were so weak that they couldn't sit in a saddle unaided, so they were separated, and each sat behind one of the smugglers: the other four took off their prisoner's jackets and rained blows on the pillion riders. The torment only stopped when the smuggler on the horse carrying Galley complained that many of the whiplashes were striking him, as well as their intended victim. The company moved on as far as Harris's Well in Lady Holt Park, where they planned to kill both men and throw them down.

Here Galley pleaded for a quick death, but this only provoked Jackson further, and he swore 'No, God damn your blood, if that's the case, we must have something more to say to you. The party set off again, first with the helpless Galley on his belly across a saddle, then sitting in it, leaning forward on the horse's neck:. Barbarous usage! Galley eventually fell from the horse, apparently lifeless, but probably only temporarily unconscious.

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His captors slung him across a horse, and the grisly caravan trudged on. They reached the Red Lion at Rake in the early hours of Monday morning, after stopping briefly at the house of another reputed smuggler who ' At the inn Chater was still capable of standing, and he was taken out and chained up in a skilling — a place where turf was stored.

There they enlarged a fox-earth, bundled the old man into the hole, and tipped the soil back on top. When the corpse was found some time later, it was apparent that Galley had recovered consciousness after being interred, for he was standing almost upright, and had raised his hand to cover his eyes and keep out the dirt.

For the smugglers, there was still the problem of Chater. He remained chained in the turf house for three days, too ill to eat. After a secret meeting on Wednesday night, it was resolved that Chater should be murdered and his body dumped in Harris's Well as originally planned. The gang went out to the turf house, and one of the group, Tapner, ordered the shoemaker ' Eventually they set off for the well, with Tapner continuing to whip Chater, and threatening him with all manner of tortures if he spilt his own blood on the horse's saddle!

The gruesome party eventually reached the well, and after an unsuccessful attempt to hang Chater with a rope that proved too short, they dumped his body into the well, and threw in rocks and timbers until there was silence.

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Though they had disposed of the bodies, there were still two dumb witnesses — the men's horses. One had strayed, but the other was knocked on the head, flayed, and the hide cut into small pieces.

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The two victims were soon missed, but the murderers had concealed the bodies carefully, and despite a strenuous investigation months passed with no progress. Eventually, though, an anonymous letter led to the discovery of Galley's body, and a second letter named William Steel as one of the murderers. Some accounts [49] say that Galley's body was found by a man walking his dogs on the common.

On his arrest, Steel turned King's evidence, and named all the others involved.

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Another smuggler who had played a minor role in the affair surrendered himself, and also turned King's evidence. Soon virtually the whole gang had been rounded up. At the Chichester Assizes all the seven men were sentenced to the gallows, but Jackson cheated the hangman, dying in gaol before sentence could be carried out. Though he was ill, it's said that the shock of being measured up for gibbet chains hastened his end.

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