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Forging African Communities

Naser I. Faruqui, Asit K. Biswas, and Murad J. Bino eds. In the Middle East and North Africa, water is rapidly becoming the key development issue.

In response, policymakers have proposed or tried to implement policies such as higher water tariffs or privatization, but have done so without considering local culture and values. Yet culture, including religion, clearly influences how people perceive and manage a resource such as water, and must be considered during policy development. This book presents Islamic perspectives on a number of proposed water-management policies, including water demand management, wastewater reuse, and fair pricing.

The book opens avenues for a wider dialogue amongst researchers working at identifying the most promising water management policies, adds to our knowledge of some of the influences on formal policy and informal practice, and makes these ideas available to a broader public. It dispels common misconceptions about the Islamic view on water-management practices, such as selling water and wastewater reuse, and serves as a concrete example of the benefit of examining development in the context of values and culture.

Initiated in , and currently hosted at the African Gender Institute at the University of Cape Town, it is produced by an editorial team in conjunction with an international editorial advisory group drawn from the feminist scholarly community. Feminist Africa is a unique forum for progressive, cutting-edge feminist intellectual dialogue and gender research on the African continent.

It offers a space for theoretical and strategic debates that challenge the prevailing technocratic approaches to global development, and the reductionism of economic and policy approaches that neglect the lived realities, ingenuity and cultural production of Africa's diverse and dynamic peoples. Feminist Africa challenges the shared continental history of exploitation and marginalisation by attending to the complex cultures of resistance and local strategy that characterise the postcolonial era, while at the same time remaining attentive to the shifting global geopolitical configurations of power.

In this fascinating collection, full of different textures, narratives and nuances, sixteen authors have begun to tackle the task of writing South Africa's history from an overtly feminist perspective, giving readers an opportunity to understand and reflect on debates about real women's power in completely new and fresh ways.

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Drawing on one of the most comprehensive surveys of post-apartheid attitudes to date, and employing innovative conceptual and methodological tools, Gibson's analysis offers both encouraging and disheartening insights into the success of the truth and reconciliation process. This is a major contribution to the literature on transitional justice and conflict resolution. South African journalism has been fortunate in recent decades to have editors, writers and practitioners of the highest order working within its ranks.

Some, like radio talk show host John Perlman and cartoonist Zapiro, are household names. Others are less well-known, but work quietly and effectively behind the scenes, bringing years of experience and skill to bear on their art. Until the publication of this book, few have taken the time to sit down and spell out the do's and don'ts of their particular specialty, gained often after a lifetime of trial and error.

The introduction of a quality, accessible local television network represents the final piece in post-apartheid South Africa's media jigsaw. With legislation and policy now in place, the fitting of the last piece is imminent. The race is now on to develop models and fine-tune systems that will make the most powerfully democratic tier of broadcast media sustainable, empowering and development friendly. Not only does this publication voice the solutions offered by 31 authors from the African continent and beyond, but it presents in a unique and highly accessible fashion the collective voice of the conference participants.

True to the spirit of ubuntu - an individual is only a person through other people their communities - this publication is a reflection of the essence of an overarching sub-Saharan philosophy; the contents represents a conference where papers were not presented, but where conference participants engaged to discuss solutions for the musical arts on the African continent.

While the individual voice has been given its rightful place, the collective voice represents an emergent song composed by the scholarly community in oral fashion.

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This publication provides insight into the problems of musical arts education in Africa; and solutions for musical arts education. This is the story of one man's single-minded, unremitting, always creative, campaign to provide material support to South Africa's liberation struggle, assisting leaders like Nelson Mandela and ordinary township and rural activists, as well as families who suffered because their loved ones were political prisoners, had fled into exile or been killed by the apartheid regime.

Ijele: Art eJournal of the African World Online journal of contemporary art and architecture, art history and criticism, focusing exclusively on the visual creative expressions of artists in Africa and other regions of the world. Ijele: Art eJournal provides a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality, and is devoted to making a major contribution to the advancement of African art studies in universities all over the world. Interviews that illumine the creative politics and philosophy of artists are especially welcome. The name of the ISIM Newsletter has been changed to the ISIM Review to more accurately reflect the publication's objective of providing a review of debates and research on contemporary Muslim societies and communities in an accessible manner to a broad readership.

In Africa in the Age of Biology, Dr James discusses Africa's long history of scientific, technological and mathematical enterprise, from tokens of the very earliest counting by humans to the sum of knowledge brought to bear in the construction of the pyramids. Michelsen Institute, Jinadu, L. The Journal of African Media Studies JAMS is a new interdisciplinary journal that provides a forum for debate on the historical and contemporary aspects of media and communication in Africa.

It hereby aims to contribute to the on-going re-positioning of media and cultural studies outside the Anglo-American axis. Volume II Edited by Joseph Norment Bell. Volume III Volume IV Volume V JMMS is an online, scholarly, peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary journal. Recorreguts i maneres oozebap, Droits Humains.

FMI et Banque mondiale. Forums sociaux. Luttes des femmes. Pillage des ressources. This report explores the interface between recent socio-political changes in Namibia, and the way they are reflected in emergent musical practices and identities within the country. The potential tension between unity and diversity is investigated within musical landscapes in traditional and contemporary frames. Sadly, diversity is often seen to be the precursor of divisiveness rather than a product of human creativity and ingenuity.

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Based on a decade of field research undertaken mainly in the north and central areas of Namibia since , this report poses questions about fundamental purposes of music-making, and the conscious response of people to the contemporary Namibian socio-political situation. It provides a broad overview of music emanating from different cultural practices in Namibia, and relates this to the State's political strategies for ensuring unity and nation-building through policy-making, education and broadcast media.

The changes that occur in musical practices are seen as strategic cultural choices and ongoing identity-formation. This collection brings together many African voices expressing their ideas and conceptions of musical practice and arts education in Africa.

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With essays from established scholars in the field as well as young researchers and educators, and topics ranging from philosophical arguments and ethno-musicology to practical class-room ideas, this book will stimulate academic discourse. At the same time, practical ideas and information will assist teachers and students in Africa and elsewhere, bringing fresh musical perspectives on instrument playing, singing, children's literature and play.

CCCB, Barcelone, 22 pp. The designations employed and the presentation of the material in this information product do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations or of the SADC Centre of Communication for Devolopment concerning the legal or area or of its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. Peace agreements form a crucial element of strategies to bring security from outside: they involve third-party mediators during the negotiation stage and often peacekeeping troops to guarantee the agreement at an implementation stage.

This paper reviews parts of the academic debate on power sharing and war termination, touching on some key findings by the main researchers working on the topic. In an extraordinary and engaging account this book traces the paths South Africans have followed from pre-colonial times to the democratic present, providing fascinating personal and historical details, and raising provocative questions about the choices, mistakes, contradictions and key themes in the emergence of the complex society that South Africa is today.

Chapter included in Sound Unbound, edited by Paul D. Published by Nordiska Afrikainstitutet Research Report , june This report summarises the results of the fourth and final round of interviews carried out among informal sector women traders in Harare, Zimbabwe as part of a longitudinal study of their conditions of work and livelihood in the context of economic crisis and structural adjustment. The evidence which was available from the interview points to a deepening social crisis in Zimbabwe as attested to by the increasing crisis of subsistence and livelihood among the overwhelming majorette of the informal sector workers.

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  • Ten-Point Checklist for Inventors to Add Alternative Embodiments to Their United States Utility Patent Applications (Book 2) (Alternative Embodiments Series).

Far from being the terrain where sections of the populace might be able to find economic liberation, the informal sector is, in fact characterised by serious internal differentiation, very low incomes, and an over-saturation that results in the inability of the women survey to do anything other than struggle at the margins for basic survival. Published by: Globalink Communications Ottawa, Canada, On Friday 13 February, at the instigation of a Catholic priest of Mburahati parish in Dar es Salaam, the Tanzania government ordered its para-military police force to open fire on unarmed Muslims at Mwembechai area, killing at least four of them.

It was soon discovered that the seditious claims made by the Catholic priest and repeatedly broadcast on a Catholic radio that Muslims were ridiculing Jesus were a sheer fabrication. Muslims' demands for an independent probe team to investigate the killings were immediately rejected by the Minister for Home Affairs. The government also banned a meeting organised by Muslim women to speak out about the sexual humiliations and indignities they suffered at the hands of male police officers while in remand prison.

In this book Dr. Njozi looks at the Mwembechai killings as a manifestation of a simmering political crisis in Tanzania. The book provides unsettling details about religious discrimination in a country which is thought by many as setting a shining example to rest of the world. Tha author's analysis of the looming political tragedy in Tanzania is both illuminating and sympathetic. Northeast African Studies Volume 6, Number , Michigan State University Press. Northeast African Studies, the leading scholarly journal on Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia, and Djibouti, is published three times a year.

The journal's founding editor, Harold G.

Marcus, had a vision: to publish widely across disciplines and thus to present a panoramic and interrogative view of the political and cultural landscapes of the Horn of Africa. HSRC Press, South Africa, , pp The extent to which indigenous people were dispossessed of their land by whites in South Africa under colonial rule and apartheid has no parallels on the African continent. XXXIX, n. Akina Mama wa Afrika, This publication breaks the silence regarding women's sexuality. Governments, women's rights activists and other social movements, often fail to understand the connection between sex work, forced early marriage, land rights, poverty, education, property and inheritance rights.

We need to understand the politics behind sexuality, sexual rights and sex work because the liberation of all women, the equitable distribution of power and resources, and the ability to control our own bodies are indeed critical to our feminist agenda. It allows sex workers to speak for themselves; claim their spaces and share their stories.

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Pan African Visions Pan African Visions is a forum for genuine analyses, frank and focused debates, constructive criticisms and concrete ideas to showcase the genius that lies within the African mindset as the continent and its people strive to move out of the ghetto that it has been wrongly labeled with, and relegated to, in the global village that the world has become. It is born out of the desire to come out with a publication that accompanies the continent as it makes positive strides in meeting up with the challenges of the 21st century.

As a website it will compliment existing publications with the difference that it will focus more attention on that which is positive about Africa, the progress that it is making, and the capabilities and potentials it has to brace multi-faceted challenges. With the increasing emergence of democratic governments, a more ambitious African Union, increasing efforts on the part of a growing new generation of leaders to get Africa more actively involved in the quest for solutions to its problems, the formulation of credit worthy blue prints like the New Partnership For African Development , the African Peer Review Mechanism, a more vibrant civil society,the frontline role its women are taking et al, African Visions will compliment similar ventures in marketing the success stories from Africa.

Jordi Urgell - Retalls de premsa. The book includes a collection of his speeches and writings as well as excerpts from his evidence presented at the Rivonia Trial. We aim to be youthful and old in perspective, both fresh and wise. We are about creation, opposition, and more with respect to mind, body and spirit.

Critically, we seek revolutionary words and strive to make them flesh. Lesego Rampolokeng: Blackheart Epilogue to insanity The latest novel by one of the most exciting poets from South Africa, IDRC , pp. Information is universally acknowledged to be a lynchpin of sustainable and equitable development.

Pierres écrasant au Nigeria

In Africa, however, access to information is limited, and especially so for rural women. The new information and communication technologies ICTs , centred mostly on the Internet, provide potential to redress this imbalance. The essays in this book examine the current and potential impact of the ICT explosion in Africa. They focus specifically on gender issues and analyze the extent to which women's needs and preferences are being served. The authors underscore the need for information to be made directly relevant to the needs of rural women, whether in the areas of agriculture, health, microenterprise, or education.

They argue that it is not enough for women simply to be passive participants in the development of ICTs in Africa.