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As we play out the end-game and the Brexit fraud is revealed, its supporters dream up fantasy deals so that failure can be blamed on Brussels. But we must hold our nerve through this Westminster chaos. A majority of UK citizens know that the best future for our country is inside the European Union. We are now the majority and, as young people reaching voting age want to join us in improving our continent in mutual friendship, so our numbers grow.

This choice must be given back to the people. The hostility of the supporters of Brexit — as we see here — to such a democratic check proves that they are running scared because they know, as I do, that the will of the British people has changed and has turned against them and their Brexit chaos. Ich habe mir schon Anfang Januar bei der ersten Abstimmung und auch gestern die Debatte im House of Commons sehr genau angeguckt, und ich hatte zum Teil den Eindruck, unsere britischen Kolleginnen und Kollegen nehmen uns nicht richtig ernst.

Wir haben hier eine eigene Demokratie. Ihr wart bisher Bestandteil dieser Demokratie. Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass das Karfreitags-Abkommen nicht in allen seinen Teilen respektiert wird. Wir werden nicht zulassen, dass es zu einer harten Grenze kommt. Even when the Prime Minister actually gets a majority behind her and, alright, I accept she made a dreadful mistake by signing up to the backstop.

182nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, Thursday, July 27, 2017

You summoned her. She signed up to something that no country — unless it had been defeated in war — would have signed up to. We now realise that mistake and actually, the House of Commons, the country, is overall looking for a deal, but do you know something? Before the referendum, no one knew who the European Commission were.

That Maoist Barroso was a complete unknown. The reason that a no-deal Brexit has got a little bit closer is because of the sheer language and attitude, not just from the Commission, but from many in Parliament towards the United Kingdom. I think public opinion will be very, very angry that there is no give today from anybody in Brussels whatsoever.

No deal means the hundred million bottles of Prosecco we buy every year from Italy will become more expensive, as will three quarters of a million German cars. Brexit will have been delivered, you will have protected for at least two years your voters. That, ladies and gentlemen, right now, is the only possible constructive way forward. The Commons may have rejected the amendment to extend Article 50 but it knows very well that the Withdrawal Act itself allows that date to be put back, and the Council of the European Union can extend Article 50 if it so agrees.

Or will the British political establishment manage to overthrow the result of the referendum altogether? Article 50 will have expired and the treaties will cease to apply. If the British Parliament prevents this happening, then they will have put themselves in open rebellion against the British people and that will have profound consequences for any belief in democracy that is left in the United Kingdom. Steven Woolfe NI. Today is a good day for British democracy because over the past two years our government has lost its way.

Instead of negotiating effectively, it compromised weakly. The EU wanted to trap Britain in a backstop deal that makes us pay money, yet stops us competing against them on the world stage. The constant negativity stalked us, weakness cowed us, division delayed us, but weakness no more. Despite this, the British people were not for turning.

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They value their vote over Project Fear. They do not fear a WTO deal but relish an independent future. And the British Government has finally caught the mood and got on the freedom train. They finally understand our desire for independence, our fight for self-determination, our belief in our nation state. By uniting last night, the Conservatives are succeeding in releasing our spirit of belief once more. We will leave the European Union. We will have Brexit. And we will be an independent nation once more.

This implementation will have to be kept under close watch so that it delivers in the interest of citizens and businesses, and contributes to the trust needed for the negotiations of the future relationship, which are unlikely to be easy. We will therefore count on your cooperation at all stages of these processes in the years to come. Written statements Rule Carlos Coelho PPE , por escrito. Julian King, Member of the Commission.

In our democracies political debate can sometimes be fierce — even very fierce — but resorting to violence or inciting hatred is never acceptable. Politically motivated murders, physical or other acts of hatred are shocking and directly contrary to our very core European values. For 20 years, he stood for those values. He dedicated his life to the service of his city and wider society. We need to recognise that that sometimes individuals can be drawn to acts of violence — radicalised, if you like — by conspiracy theories, polarised debates and more radical ideology. There can be no free and fair elections across Europe if there is a climate of hatred and threats of violence against candidates and those holding democratically elected mandates.

The package recommended deeper cooperation within and between Member States to jointly identify and counter threats to our democratic processes and protect the integrity of our elections. At all of these exchanges one message comes through: one way a climate of hatred and threats of violence can be created is through disinformation and smear campaigns, often spread through the social media or accelerated through the social media.

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There have been coordinated disinformation campaigns which aimed to discredit and delegitimise elections around Europe, sometimes conducted by third countries and sometimes by private interests from within our countries that do not have citizens and our democratic processes at heart.

Responding to this effectively is a challenge. A group can misuse personal data to target online disinformation or to attempt to intimidate voters through threats. Other aspects, such as the often widely diverging rules on donations and contributions, and the opportunity that the online environment creates to get round existing electoral rules make it even more of a challenge to deal with this. Within the framework of the European election cooperation network, we are discussing what works, such as good ways to reach out to citizens to build their awareness and to retain their trust.

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And media literacy, an effort that has been pursued in Sweden, before their last election was a good example. We consider new ways to involve citizens in securing the democratic process itself, as Latvia recently demonstrated, by inviting citizens to give examples of political ads which were thought to break national rules directly to the regulators. And we discuss how best to make use of existing tools, from data protection to financial supervision, and how best to close gaps which may have opened up as new technologies and their use and abuse have come into this electoral space. In particular, this means working to ensure that the internet platforms, the big social media platforms, live up to the commitments that they have signed up to as part of our various codes of conduct and good practice, the Code of Conduct on Hate Speech and the Code of Practice against Disinformation.

As you may have seen, we presented the first of what will be a series of monthly reports on the progress the social media platforms are making in tackling disinformation yesterday. On the subject of hate speech, we need to keep in mind that hate speech is not free speech. It should be an unwritten duty of all democratically elected representatives to condemn hatred and to refrain from incitement to it. In accordance with the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights, states may sanction, or even prevent, all forms of expression which spread, incite, promote or justify hatred based on intolerance.

Our core objective should be to ensure that authors of illegal hate speech are effectively prosecuted. The challenges that European electoral processes face are too complex to be solved by any one authority, Member State or even private-sector service provider acting alone. Indeed, no one should be left to act alone in this space or indeed to hold all the cards and make all the judgments. Rather, a comprehensive approach is essential to ensure electoral security and legitimacy, while preserving an open democratic debate, a level playing field and the security of all those involved in our democratic processes.

We must never lose sight that all our efforts need to be fully rooted in protecting and promoting the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights, in particular the freedoms of expression and association, which after all is what we are fighting to defend in our democratic processes and elections.


Thank you for putting this on the agenda. Janusz Lewandowski, w imieniu grupy PPE. Za napadom stoji stranka Fidesz. Prihajati iz ust, izpod peres in rok politikov in medijev. Je voden in ima namen — zasejati strah, spreti ljudi in si odpreti pot na oblast. It is always our opponents.

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This is a highly partisan and highly political institution. So the problem is, of course, who defines the rules and who will execute those rules? Let me state the facts. A couple of weeks ago, the mayor of Gdansk was assassinated by a man who we know was a convicted criminal, with a long psychiatric record and immediately — immediately — after the murder, the political opposition in Poland put the blame on the Polish Government, on the public media, making something utterly non-political a monstrous, horrendous act of murder, but it was absolutely non-political.

They made a huge case against us.

Strategic, regulatory and operational insight

If you can think of the most immoral, vile, repellent, foul, wicked, disgraceful, outrageous example of political cynicism that is it, you have it, and you heard it here, you heard about the media lynching the late president. Is that the language of love?

Should it be punished? Or should my EPP colleague get away with it if I say that they lynch me? Probably the authorities would not be as tolerant, but never mind. So the problem is that even this tragic death does not prevent some of you from using this death to pursue a political agenda. This is political cynicism incarnate. There are no inhibitions, no sense of shame, really! Nobody talked about hatred or hate speech.

So I have lived long enough to see people fall and behave abominably, but in cases like this I always say to myself, my God is it really possible that people who could be called or considered civilized, is it really possible that they say such things, that they can fall so low? Por eso, no nos podemos quedar de brazos cruzados mientras esto sucede y debemos exigir que nuestras ideas sean libres.

Ich bin dankbar, dass wir diese von mir beantragte Debatte heute auf der Tagesordnung haben. Die Stimmung in der Gesellschaft wird immer aufgeheizter. Kollege Lewandowski hat dazu alles gesagt. Und linksextreme Gewalt ist auch ein Problem der Gegenwart. Man denke hier etwa an die Aggression der linksterroristischen Antifa.