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Try and see the difference! Search this site. Modelle und Beispiele systematischer Erfolgssteuerung by Rolf Bronner.

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Ball der Versuchung by Rachel Caine. Der Roman zum Film. Sachsen-Anhalt by Protze Notburga. Geburtstag by Thomas Romanus. Staffel German Edition by Charlotte Taylor. Ein Handarbeitsbuch. Dictionary: pass the buck. Translation blame Sources pass the buck sounds like totally american! I like totally can't stand that expression! You like totallier. You don't have to pollute the whole language with U. Comment To pass the buck is not AE but is also very English.

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  4. However, it isn't quite the same as having the "Schwarzer Peter". Comment i agree with suziq. SP has something to do with scapegoat but that's still not it i don't think. To have the SP means that you are the one left with something unpleasant to do. It is a card game there is a similar one in GB but I've forgotten the name and the person left with this card which everyone else has tried to get rid of during the game has lost.

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