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Saul tried to dissuade David by appealing to David's youth and Goliath's experience. Third, David responded that he " used to keep his father's sheep, and when a lion or a bear came and took a lamb out of the flock, I went out after it and struck it, and delivered the lamb from its mouth; and when it arose against me, I caught it by its beard, and struck and killed it " 1 Samuel — Now we can understand why David was called a " mighty man of valor " in the previous chapter.

He was young, but he was quite strong and brave. While these facts above don't necessarily indicate his height, the following verses provide some clues. King Saul agreed to let David fight Goliath, so he offered David his own armor to use for the battle—likely the very same armor David had borne for Saul as his armor bearer.

Remember, when Saul became king it was said about him that " From his shoulders upward he was taller than any of the people " 1 Samuel ; Although Saul acted foolishly on several occasions, he was not unintelligent. If he was one of the tallest men in the land, why would he offer a small young man his armor, knowing it would never fit and would only reduce his odds of winning the battle?

If David was much smaller, Saul could have easily commanded a soldier closer to David's size to lend David his armor. But didn't David refuse the armor because it didn't fit? Not at all! Actually, David said, " I cannot walk with these, for I have not tested them " 1 Samuel This implies that David was roughly the same size as Saul and the armor did fit, but he rejected the offer because he was not accustomed to wearing this particular armor. Finally, after using a sling and a stone to defeat Goliath, David used Goliath's own sword to decapitate the fallen giant 1 Samuel Although the Bible does not tell us exactly how big the sword was, David does state that it was unique 1 Samuel The Bible also reveals that the rest of Goliath's weaponry and armor were quite massive, so there is good reason to believe the sword was large as well.

David kept Goliath's armor and would eventually wield the sword himself 1 Samuel ; The fact that David was capable of using the giant's weapon provides another clue that he may have indeed been a mighty man. We see at least five pieces of evidence which can be used to support the notion that David was probably not a small man when he fought Goliath. First, his oldest brother was physically impressive, so David could well have grown to a similar size.

Second, David was called " a mighty man of valor, a man of war " 1 Samuel prior to fighting Goliath. Third, David had already killed a bear and lion by hand. Fourth, King Saul, a tall man, offered his armor to David for the battle. Finally, David was capable of wielding Goliath's sword.

None of these arguments are watertight, but taken together, a much stronger case can be made for David being a large man than the commonly held view that he was small. Of course, David's size is not as important as his trust in the Lord. From a human perspective, David faced tremendous odds, and no one thought he could defeat the giant.

By Flavius Josephus

However, David's confidence never wavered because he trusted the Lord. After being taunted by Goliath, David fearlessly issued his own challenge in which he gave God all the glory:. In His Word, God has told us that He made the world in six normal-length days and destroyed the world with a Flood 2 Peter He has revealed that His Son was born of a virgin Matthew —25 , died on the Cross for our sins Colossians —14 , rose from the dead 1 Corinthians , will one day return Acts , and there will be a day of judgment 2 Peter As David did in his battle with Goliath, we need to have complete confidence in God and His Word, giving Him the glory in everything we do.

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics ministry , dedicated to helping Christians defend their faith and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ. The origins of the sword are passed over and food and sword are lumped together in one giving. William F.

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Rent on DeepDyve. Volume Issue 1. Export References. Kyle McCarter, Jr. We may infer that some of his Psalms such as Psalm , were already composed. Saul takes the advice of his servant. He sends for someone, who will soothe his nerves with music. Later proven so skillful in the art of war and killing, David was also a tender musician of exceptional skill and reputation.

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God gives people the talents and opportunities they need for the tasks He wants them to accomplish. The servant was probably a friend of David's. David was a handsome young man. He had killed a bear and a lion to save his sheep, so his bravery is well known. He seems to be a very near perfect young man.

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We had already discussed, in a previous lesson, how the king chose out all of the choicest of the young men to serve him. Since Saul is king, Jesse cannot refuse him.

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Jesse will have to send another of his sons to tend the sheep. It was and is ever customary in the East to acknowledge obedience and subjection with a present. Jesse, the sheik of Beth-lehem, would thus be expected on sending his son to the court of Saul to acknowledge his sovereign by some token of homage. Jesse, not only sends David to the king, but sends gifts to the king as well.

It was customary to take the king a present to have audience with him. This just means that Saul was greatly pleased when he saw David. It appeared he was all the things the servant had spoken of him. The statement "stood before him", is possibly speaking of David becoming one of Saul's attendants. He was not just a servant, but a servant in Saul's house. He was made armor-bearer, because that would put him near Saul all the time.

Continue in his service; which was great condescension in him, and great respect shown to Jesse, not to detain his son without his leave, and to ask it as a favor of him. Especially if he was in any fear that Saul had an ill design upon him, when he first sent for him. David was probably very young, and not quite as old as some of the men who were taken as soldiers. Saul sends to Jesse, expressing the desire for David to remain with him. Saul is pleased with David. It had a hollow chamber and multiple strings stretched to different tautness, very similar to a modern guitar.

In all of this, we do not hear of David's fight with Goliath. The fight with Goliath apparently happened before Saul sent for David here. It possibly, is why the servant spoke of David as a brave soldier. We see that God had planned all this. The music that David played was soft enough to keep the sheep quiet. We know it calms the nerves of Saul here as well. It seems, when Saul was tormented, David played and quieted the spirit.

Rising Above Rejection, Contempt & Heartache (Lessons from a King)

God gave David the ability to play and sing as well as all the other gifts He gave him. God has placed David in Saul's house. Why do you suppose Samuel was mourning for Saul? If Samuel does not stop mourning, what will happen to Samuel? What answer does Samuel give, when God tells him to go anoint someone else? Who was Samuel to call to the sacrifice? How will Samuel choose which son is to be anointed? Where did Samuel go to sacrifice?

How did the elders feel about Samuel coming to their town?