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For an extra kick, spice up this low-carb recipe a bit with some chili powder and lime. Just 3 net carbs per serving. When you need classic cookie taste, this recipe delivers. Not only does each cookie come with rich chocolate chunks in each bite, they also get a gut-supporting boost from grass-fed collagen peptides. Dip in a hot cup of Bulletproof Coffee for a morning treat with under 5 net carbs. No sugar or vegetable oil — just rich chocolate flavor and a silky cream filling.

This keto dessert bakes up crisp cookies with almond flour and cocoa powder, and uses them to sandwich a silky vanilla cream made out of grass-fed butter. Keep your espresso powder mold-free to stay Bulletproof, or omit altogether.

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Each cookie is just 1 net carb. These raw-food cookies use shredded coconut, coconut oil, a little xylitol, vanilla, and salt for a satisfying no-bake treat. No sugar here.

These light and crisp cookies use a low-glycemic sweetener, plus keto pantry staples like almond and coconut flours. Bake, then dip in a creamy chocolate icing for a picture-perfect dessert — and each cookie is just over 1 net carb. Keep it Bulletproof and use a high-quality chocolate to coat such as Chocolate Fuel Bars. For chocolate lovers, these soft and chewy cookies have everything you want in a keto dessert. Cocoa powder and a touch of cinnamon in the batter, plus rich chocolate chunks sprinkled over the top, give these cookies a cravable depth and sweetness. With satisfying protein and fats, each cookie tallies up to 2.

This minute keto dessert recipe makes a perfect solution when you need a quick sweet fix. Mix up shredded coconut with vanilla collagen protein, egg whites, and almond extract. Then bake into 9 large cookies with an astounding 1 net carb each. Grass-fed butter or ghee shines in this light and crumbly cookie recipe.

Bake it up with keto pantry basics like almond and coconut flours, vanilla, and salt, then top with a drool-worthy chocolate glaze and vanilla shortbread collagen bar crumbs. Each satisfying cookie is just under 8 net carbs — and perfect for holidays.

The key to perfectly soft and dense brownies? Under-bake them slightly, use room-temperature eggs, and use a sugar alcohol like xylitol to avoid any aftertaste. With a few small tweaks, this keto dessert bakes into the perfect chocolatey bars just waiting for a cool glass of non-dairy milk. Just 1 net carb apiece. Lime juice and zest deliver tart and tangy flavor in these no-bake bars, while desiccated coconut and collagen create a base packed with fats and protein.

Dollop with a creamy, coconutty matcha topping, and keto dessert is served at under 2 net carbs per square. For a chewy and chocolate-free cookie bar, try this keto dessert. Coconut flour, milk, and shreds deliver a burst of coconut flavor, while butter and erythritol add body and sweetness.

These tasty bars contain only 2 net carbs per serving — but make sure you use grass-fed butter to keep this recipe Bulletproof.

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Make this refreshing no-bake keto dessert any time of year. Prep a nourishing base with shredded coconut, MitoSweet , collagen peptides, and peppermint oil, then top with a melty chocolate drizzle. Enjoy every savory bite for only 1. With a tender and nutty texture, this keto dessert makes the most of high-fat macadamia nuts and coconut, all resting on a buttery shortbread crust. Every gooey, crumbly bite will have you wondering how this dessert could be keto-friendly — especially since they tally up to just 2.

This fresh and fruity keto dessert tastes just like original lemon bars — same buttery crust, creamy filling, and sugary sweet coating on top.

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However, this version takes just 5 ingredients and sets you back only 4 net carbs. Keep every bite Bulletproof with non-GMO erythritol and grass-fed butter. Fat bomb, or delicious cookie? You decide on this keto dessert. With a coconut oil and shredded coconut base, plus a sugar-free chocolate coating, these little bites deliver 22 grams of fat and only 2 net carbs per serving.

This sweet, scoopable keto dessert works just as well as regular ice cream for milkshakes and sundaes, and even makes a sweet addition to a warm cup of coffee. Using nourishing ingredients like egg yolks, Brain Octane Oil , and coconut oil, this recipe makes a silky bowl of goodness with only 3 net carbs. Make this keto dessert when you have too many ripe avocados on your hands. You deserve an upgrade from mystery store-bought ice creams. Instead, make this keto dessert with a rich base of cacao butter, cocoa powder, eggs, and a low-glycemic sweetener.

Using real strawberries increases the carb count slightly on this keto dessert, but it creates an unforgettable flavor without any added sugar. After strawberries, you only need coconut milk and sweetener to finish the recipe, and the results give you 6. To keep it Bulletproof, buy high-quality fresh berries and freeze them yourself. Skip the ice cream truck: These pops use zero sugar and powerful healthy fats and protein for fudgy, melty, crash-free pops.

Chocolate powder and cacao butter create a rich taste, while Collagelatin adds a fudgy texture — plus, each satisfying pop keeps things keto with 5 net carbs. Crisp chunks of chocolate fold into a creamy, minty ice cream base that uses a secret ingredient to color it green: Avocado! This recipe only makes enough for a single serving still under 2 net carbs , so keep it on-hand when you need ice cream fast. Just use a high-quality, mold-free chocolate to stay Bulletproof. This egg-free ice cream recipe requires no special equipment. Just blitz ingredients like frozen avocado chunks, coconut cream, and sweetener together before mixing in rich chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough collagen bars.

Fresh organic raspberries, canned coconut cream, and lemon FATwater make a tart and tangy pop that tastes just like summer.


Since this keto dessert sweetens each pop with xylitol, each serving only costs you 1 net carb. It takes just five minutes to make two servings, and every fat-packed bowlful is 6 net carbs. Make this keto dessert for a low-carb recipe that will rival your childhood ice cream truck. For less than 7 net carbs, this sweet treat sandwiches rich chocolate ice cream between two crisp almond flour cookies — no sugar needed. Unlike a regular pot de creme, this pudding-like keto dessert requires no cooking and no cream.

Instead, it whips together creamy avocados, hazelnuts, and dark chocolate for a silky and satisfying high-fat dessert with less than 5 net carbs. Avocados add healthy fats and a pleasing green color to this pudding, while lime juice and a homemade erythritol syrup add sweet and citrusy flavor. To stay Bulletproof, avoid using xanthan gum too often, as it can irritate your stomach. Enjoy a whole bowl for. Each serving tallies up to 3 total carbs. To stay Bulletproof, just make sure you use grass-fed gelatin or Collagelatin. Whip up a light and fluffy 4-carb mousse with simple ingredients like coconut milk, unsweetened chocolate, and erythritol. The hardest part is waiting for it to chill in the fridge! To keep this keto dessert Bulletproof-friendly, use a high-quality, mold-free chocolate. This keto dessert is nourishing enough to enjoy for breakfast, thanks to a blend of buttery mocha cold brew coffee and grass-fed gelatin.