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Tree column Christmas net lights.

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Northlight Christmas rope lights. Shrub Christmas net lights. Christmas string lights.

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Lightshow Christmas icicle lights. Incandescent Christmas rope lights. Solid Light show projectors. Christmas pathway markers. C9 Christmas string lights. Stars Light show projectors. Laser Light show projectors. Blue jays can make a large variety of sounds, and individuals may vary perceptibly in their calling style.

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Like other corvids , they may learn to mimic human speech. Blue jays can also copy the cries of local hawks so well that it is sometimes difficult to tell which it is. There is also a high-pitched jayer-jayer call that increases in speed as the bird becomes more agitated. This particular call can be easily confused with the chickadee's song because of the slow starting chick-ah-dee-ee.

Blue jays will use these calls to band together to mob potential predators such as hawks and drive them away from the jays' nests.

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Blue jays also have quiet, almost subliminal calls which they use among themselves in proximity. One of the most distinctive calls of this type is often referred to as the "rusty pump" owing to its squeaky resemblance to the sound of an old hand-operated water pump. The blue jay and other corvids are distinct from most other songbirds for using their call as a song. In old African American folklore of the southern United States, the blue jay was a significant metaphysical creature. In some tales the blue jay was credited with making the earth "when all de worl' was water" by bringing the first "grit" or "dirt".

In other tales the blue jay was temporarily conscripted as a servant of the Devil to bring "kindling" to the "bad place": and "was not encountered on a Friday as he was fetching sticks down to Hell; furthermore, he was so happy and chirpy on a Saturday as he was relieved to return from Hell". The blue jay was adopted as the team symbol of the Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball team, as well as some of their minor league affiliates.

Their mascot , Ace , is an anthropomorphic blue jay.

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The latter two spell the name as one word - Bluejay. It is also the provincial bird of the province of Prince Edward Island in Canada. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Blue jay disambiguation.

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