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Taris Editor. This is the first comprehensive overview of work psychology, with coverage of classic models, current theories, and contemporary issues affecting the 21 st -century worker. Her research interests include job stress, work motivation, job performance, work-home interaction, and aging at work.

He is a licensed work and organizational psychologist as well as a licensed occupational health psychologist. His research interests include the optimization of performance at work and at sports, and he has published well over a hundred articles, books and chapters.

An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology

Until recently, he served as the Editor of the Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology. He has published hundreds of articles and chapters on topics such as occupational health, stress, engagement, workaholism, authenticity at work, as well as on longitudinal research methods and nonresponse, in journals such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Vocational Behavior and the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.

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An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology

Le Blanc and Matthew Davis. Semmer and Sheena Johnson. Geurts, Debby G. Beckers and Philip Tucker.

An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology by Maria C. W. Peeters; Jan De Jonge; Toon W. Taris

Schaufeli and Marisa Salanova. Ilgen; Richard J. Klimoski; Scott Highhouse; Neal W. Schmitt ISBN: Power and Organizations by Stewart R. This book provides a comprehensive account of power and organizations, unlocking power as the central relation of modern organizations and society. The authors present an excellent synthesis of organization, social and political theory to offer an overview of power and organizations that is historically informed, addresses current issues, and is comprehensive in scope.

Briner ISBN: How can we understand the relationship between employer and employee?

What determines the give and take of such relationships and what happens when they go wrong? This book provides a comprehensive and critical overview of what is now the major way to trying to understand the employment relationship-the concept of the psychological contract. Stapley ISBN: This volume is an introductory text to the individual and organizational dynamics by an author with extensive experience in the field.

An Introduction To Contemporary Work Psychology

It examines the unconscious processes of human behavior that affect all organizations and institutions. Miner ISBN: This comprehensive text provides a detailed review and analysis of the building-block theories in Organizational Behavior. John Miner has identified the key theories that every student or scholar needs to understand to be considered literate in the discipline. Silverthorne ISBN: By looking at organizational psychology in a cross-cultural context, we can gain an understanding of the challenges facing organizations and business today. This handbook focuses on the complex processes and problems of organizational change and relates current knowledge of individual and group psychology to the understanding of the dynamics of change.

The globalized nature of work in the new millennium implies that human resource management, psychological theories of personnel and individual behaviour in the workplace have to change and evolve.

An Introduction to Contemporary Work Psychology - eBook

This volume mainly focuses on theories, techniques and methods used by industrial and work psychologists. Work in the 21st century requires new understanding in organizational behaviour: how individuals interact together to get work done.

This volume brings together research on essential topics such as motivation; job satisfaction; leadership; compensation; organizational justice; communication; intra- and inter-team functioning; judgement and decision-making; organizational development and change. This book is a comprehensive and systematic examination of the insights psychoanalysis can offer to the study of organizations and organizational behaviour. Richly illustrated with examples, Yiannis Gabriel's exhaustive study provides fresh understandings of the role of creativity, control mechanisms, leadership, culture, and emotions in organizations. L The text introduces students to the psychological factors active in the workplace, including the psychology of the workforce, employee health and well-being, and various dynamics of work interaction. Includes recent studies focusing on new technologies, new work habits, and newly emergent organizational structures. F75 This book is an exploration into the ways in which friendships, isolation and enemy-ships influence and affect our experience of work.

The theme of the research volume is 'Alienation to Suffocation'; canvassing issues from loneliness and isolation through to the positive aspects of a friendly workplace. G34 A gripping, entertaining-and instructive-collection of tales about wicked wolves, power-hungry lions Treasured for centuries, the world's folk tales have left a legacy of wisdom for countless generations.