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Health Kalon condoles demise of renowned Tibetan doctor Yeshi Dhonden. Yeshi Dhonden passes away. Home Kalon embarks on official tour to Tibetan settlements in Southern India. Tibetan Parliamentary Delegation advocates Tibet in Belgium. News From Other Sites. Translated by Dorjee Damdul.

Written in English by Richard Finney.

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World must understand the real meaning of uprising in Hong Kong, say Chinese scholars. Columbia U. Congress passes Hong Kong rights bill as Trump tries to strike China trade deal.

PDF A la rencontre du Dalaï-Lama (ESSAIS) (French Edition)

BBC, 17 November , Read original news here. CTA News Reports.

Tenzingang: The 8th Tawang Yatra being flagged off by Hon. Governor of Assam Prof. Posted in Department of Education.

Job Vacancy: Accountant required at Department of Health. Posted in Department of Health. Kindly note that the deadline for submission of application is 19 December Dharamsala — District Kangra, H. General Manager required at the Gang-Jong Finance. Gang-Jong Development Finance Private Limited invites application for the following three posts on contractual basis.

The employee will report to the Head office. Sherig Parkhang Trust announces Job Vacancy. Office Assistant 1 seat 2. Kindly note that the deadline for submission of application is 31 October Posted in Tibetan Supreme Justice Commission. Under Secretary 2 seats for the post of Local Justice Commissioner. Office Superintendent 2 seats for the post of Secretary of Local Justice Commission and judiciary staff respectively. Posted in Public Service Commission. Click here to see the eligibility and qualifications required. Kindly note that the deadline for submission of application is 15 November Posted in Department of Security.

Dharamshala: The Tibetan Reception Centre for new arrivals in Dharmashala is pleased to announce job vacancy for one cleaning person. Interested applicants are requested to submit their forms to the following address latest by 15 November Department of Education announces selected list of students for PG Scholarship Selected students will be informed individually to submit their acceptance certificate latest by October 15, The agenda of the training includes in-depth seminars on the rules of the Tibetan statute, law of public prosecution and other key topics relating to the Tibetan judicial system.

Le journaliste et cinéaste Claude Lanzmann est mort

Read the original announcement in Tibetan here. Interest applicants are requested to submit the forms to the following address. Road, P. Department of Education announces Vacancies for Rector Post. At least 7 years of administrative experiences. Posted in Department of Home. All rooms are surrounded by a central courtyard having natural light through skylights in the roof. There are a total of 19 rooms, out of which 17 rooms are double bed having a carpet area of Sq ft.

Posted in Photo Galleries. View Photos. China jails Tibetan man for sharing Tibet-related books on WeChat. Dharamshala: A Tibetan monk from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba county who was arrested last month from his monastery has not been heard of since. His location, as well as the charges for his arrest, are unknown. Dharamshala: China stoops another level in carrying out religious persecution of Tibetans.

Tibetan monk sentenced for the second time by Chinese authorities in Tibet. Dharamshala: A Tibetan monk from Ngaba county's Kirti Monastery who was arrested more than a year ago was sentenced to 3 years in prison by Chinese authorities last week as per our sources. China demolishes nearly half of Yachen Gar Buddhist complex in Tibet. Dharamshala: Nearly half of Yachen Gar Buddhist complex situated in Tibet's Karze region which is now incorporated into China's Sichuan province has been demolished by Chinese authorities.

Dharamshala: The annual Human Rights Report records that the human rights situation in Tibet is still no better than yesterday as the Tibetans continue to face severe restriction in their religious freedom, speech, movement, and assembly. Geneva: Five UN independent experts have expressed concern and questioned China over charges brought against nine Tibetans who were imprisoned for participating in the celebration of the 80th birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in , and advocating for cultural and religious rights.

Washington DC: The United States government released its annual International Religious Freedom Report, a report that covers repressive government policies that infringe upon religious freedom. Green Tibet. Title click to view Share Download Green Tibet Political and Human Rights Issues. Health Bulletin Jan-Jun Health Bulletin Apr-Jul Health Bulletin Oct — Oct Health Bulletin Sep Sep Home Newsletter Sep-Dec Home Newsletter May-Aug Home Newsletter Jan-Apr Home Newsletter Oct-Dec Home Newsletter Apr-Jun Home Newsletter Jan-Mar Home Newsletter Jun-Sep Home Newsletter Feb-May Tibet Museum Newsletter — September The fires were kept ablaze for months on end, until finally the very last of the books was annihilated.

As the invasion began and it soon became obvious that Tibetan Buddhist culture was not going to survive in Tibet, among the hundreds of thousands of Tibetans who risked their lives to escape into the neighbouring countries of Nepal, India and Bhutan, were numerous Tibetan scholars and masters carrying their precious texts. Many of them left behind all their valuable ornaments and possessions, choosing instead to bring as many books as could be carried on the rigorous and perilous journey across the Himalayas.

It is thanks to their tremendous efforts that many precious texts survived destruction. But even then their books were not in security, for another difficult period awaited them, in the precarious conditions of the early makeshift refugee camps. Gradually, the exiled lamas began to construct new settlements, monasteries and libraries.

Thanks largely to the hard work of the U. Catalogues began to be compiled, and it was possible to see more clearly what had survived and what was still missing. Later, starting in the nineteen-nineties and continuing still, computer input of many of the great collections of texts could be undertaken, further safeguarding them and rendering them more accessible. More recently still, it became clear that not only rare and precious manuscripts, but even texts reprinted in the seventies, were still being lost or were decaying in the damp conditions of some of the monasteries, and a new programme to safeguard them more rapidly by computerized scanning and archiving was set up by the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center , again thanks to the foresight and encyclopaedic knowledge of Gene Smith.

In Tibet, the occupation continued, and even now Tibetans are far from free to adhere to their traditional culture. But as the fiercely destructive frenzy of the cultural revolution gradually abated, a few rare texts that had been hidden for decades to protect them from harm began, little by little, to reappear.

Copies were brought out to India and Nepal, or in some cases re-published in Tibet itself or China.


Read e-book A la rencontre du Dalaï-Lama (ESSAIS) (French Edition)

Scholars and researchers are still discovering, identifying and restoring works that everyone thought had been lost entirely. Strenuous efforts must still be made to ensure their continuing survival—and to make them available to a world in sore need of the knowledge and wisdom they contain. To preserve disappearing or threatened cultures and their literature is always of great importance. Tibetan literature, however, is not simply the recorded poetry, mythology and folk lore of a distant, minority ethnic group. It contains a huge depth and range of both major and lesser-known texts of a major world religion and classical philosophical tradition, together with a vast body of writings by Tibetan scholars and practitioners recording the accumulated knowledge, experience and research of more than a millennium.

Far more of the scriptures and major works of Buddhist scholarship are available in Tibetan than in the original Sanskrit and Pali. Even in Chinese-speaking countries, where quite a number of translations of Buddhist texts still exist though far less numerous than those to be found in Tibetan , they are written in an ancient language seldom understood nowadays by modern readers. As the limits and dangers of technological and material development become clearer, the importance of a spiritual path that can instil more profound and fundamental values becomes more and more obvious. The authentic teachings of the Buddha offer a path based on sound reasoning and insight.

They clearly point out the causes of our problems, and their remedies. They are accessible to the simplest people as well as to the most sophisticated. They contain a vast range of methods adapted to all sorts of human temperaments, needs and situations. Their main focus is to help bring about the elimination of suffering and develop peace, in the individual and in the world at large. And peace, they explain, is not something to be constructed outside.