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Our natural reaction is to back away, to avoid their company, to stick them in time out or send them to their room.

I watched as the young girl slid across the pew to her mom and leaned on her, only to be gently pushed away. The mom pushed her to the other end of the pew, but slowly the little girl inched her way back. Whatever had been going on before they got to church, this girl was just hard to love.

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I have to admit, I was starting to judge this mom and feel badly for this little girl. I wanted to leap over the pew and give that poor girl a hug. But instead I thought about myself and my own kids. I had been in this situation before.

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I often had one child who insisted on being the squeaky wheel. The one who I wanted to push across the pew, send up to his room, ship off to Grandma or send to work on a farm in Timbuktu. But over the years, I discovered the child who is the hardest to love is the one who needs it the most.

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To project the pain of your wounded inner child onto your baby. It is the lethal cycle of undealt with trauma…. She is the mirror that allows me to look into my past and see the fears still controlling me now….

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When we heal our deepest pains, we are speaking to our ancestors across the space time illusion and holding a cross-generational conversation within our DNA that heals old wounds and rectifies long lost problems. But I KNOW this little girl has brought me face to face with things that would have otherwise been ignored in my bubble of childless freedom. That baby chose YOU to be its mothers at the perfect time.

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