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All he had was ml of water, two sandwiches and a small knife. It didn't take him long to realise that he wouldn't be able to pull himself free or move the rock, which was later weighed at kilograms. His only chance of survival would be to do something almost unthinkable : he would have to cut off his own arm. But there was no way his tiny knife could cut through the bone.

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The nightmare continued for five days as he tried to keep his spirits up and think of a solution. But by the fifth day the situation was clearly hopeless. His arm was decomposing , and he knew that without medical attention he would soon die. Certain that the end was coming, he carved RIP in the wall of the canyon and made a goodbye video for his family.

Then, on the sixth day, he had a brainwave : he realised that he could use the weight of his body to bend his arm until the bone broke. He could then cut through the flesh with his knife and he'd be free.

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He later said that this was the most beautiful moment of his life. The knowledge that he'd soon be out of the canyon gave him strength to tolerate the appalling pain. In an hour he was free from the rock. But it was still a thirteen-kilometre walk back to his car and he had lost a litre and a half of blood. He knew he could survive for half an hour at the most. Amazingly, he managed to rappel down a meter cliff one-handed and get out of the canyon.

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He then started walking towards the road, but he was getting weaker by the minute. At sunrise, Lori fashions a stretcher to move Nick, but the wolves track the smell and keep following them. The stretcher breaks but Lori still attempts to drag Nick on, rejecting his pleas to leave him behind. The wolves are relentless in their attack, and being exhausted from days without food or water, Lori loses the ability to defend him. The wolves surround them, so to prevent Nick from suffering through being eaten alive, she performs euthanasia on him by suffocating him.

She breaks down and goes into shock as a rescue helicopter rounds the edge of the canyon; paramedics start to administer first aid while she's kneeling next to Nick's body.

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Filmed on locations in Arizona and Utah. The film opened in cinemas for a limited release on October 23, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the album by the Used, see The Canyon album. Not to be confused with The Canyons film.

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